Biped Walking with Body via Knee Bending - Experimental Results and Frequency Analysis

T. Kinugasa (France), S. Miwa, and K. Osuka (Japan)


biped, DD motor, constraint control, knee bending


The purpose of this paper is to realize a kind of more nat ural and efficient walking biped robot. In the beginning of paper, we discuss methods of walking based on pas sive dynamic walking mechanism and naturalness of walk ing. Next, we introduce some kinds of walking using knee bending with constraint control of a body and a frequency characteristic are defined. Finally, our biped called Proto type Biped Emu -IV(PBEmu-IV) is introduced, some ex perimental results are shown to verify the effectiveness of our strategy for biped walking, and the frequency char acteristics are revealed for one of walking. As a result, walking frequencies only depended on frequencies of knee bending, and walking is excited around the character fre quency of a leg. That is to say, a kind of naturalness of walking is appeared quantitatively as the frequency charac teristic.

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