Automated Business Process Identifier from Text-based Input using Case-Matching

S.M.F.D. Syed Mustapha and H.-N. Chua (Malaysia)


Casebased reasoning, textbased mobile commerce, similarity matching.


Research report has shown that Short Text Message (SMS) usage is more popular in the mobile device services compared to the other mobile device applications [1]. The usage trend of the text messages was initially used for social purposes and lately it has encroached commercial activities. The differences between the two are that the former requires less formal representation compared to the latter that needs more comprehensive and accurate descriptions in the text message. Due to this reason, SMS text has never been used to communicate complex business process. In this paper, we propose a technique and methodology to counter this perspective on the text-based messages capability. The SMS text message that contains a simple business proposal is transmitted to our Text-BPI system in order to identify the required business process in completing the business proposal. The advantage of the system is its ability to extrapolate the necessary business process from a simple SMS text description of the business proposal.

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