Declarative Expressions: A New Perspective for Handling Information Systems

M. Miró-Juliá (Spain)


Information System, Multivalued Data, Information Ex traction, Data Mining.


Scientific and engineering disciplines are developing daily. This progress is strongly connected to complex techniques and methods. However, it is surprising to observe that the majority of information systems considered are binary and, of course, the methods and techniques used are binary based. This paper presents an approach for handling multi ple valued information systems by considering an unusual algebra. The proposed algebra does not handle raw data, it handles declarative descriptions of the data and allows a multivalued description of the knowledge contained in an information system by means of array expressions. However, the transfer of knowledge to a declarative level is not trivial, since the problem might present more than one solution. Consequently, systematic algebraic tech niques that find and treat equivalent array expressions are required. The algebraic techniques allow us to join or find common parts of multivalued information systems.

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