An Ontology Gateway for Efficient Communication of Agents with Web Services

M. Pasha, A. Ali (Pakistan), H.F. Ahmad, and H. Suguri (Japan)


Semantic Web Services, Multi- agent System, Interoperability, Ontology Gateway, SAGE.


Ontologies act as the key enablers for the semantic web and they provide basis for the interoperability among different distributed systems as to realize the goal of automated service oriented architectures and the semantic grid.The ontologies offer a way to apply structured and well-defined meanings .In order to achieve the vision of semantic web and service-oriented architectures in full potential we need to integrate certain technologies i.e. agents and web services technologies. In order for agents to interoperate with the web services dynamically, ontologies need to be mapped explicitly. We need the transformation of ontologies in existing architectures to maintain ontology related data or ontology descriptions so that agents may search and utilize the required ontologies dynamically. In this paper we have presented the concept of an ontology gateway which enables a bidirectional communication between agents and web services by translating FIPA ACL messages into equivalent OWL messages and vice versa.

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