A Particle Swarm Digital Identification of Synchronous Machine Parameters from Short Circuit Tests

K.M. El-Naggar, A.K. Al-Othman, and J.S. Al-Sumait (Kuwait)


Identification, Synchronous machine parameters, Short circuit tests, Particle Swarm optimization.


In this paper a new method for digital identification of synchronous machine parameters from short circuit tests is presented. The method is based on Particle Swarm optimization (PSO) technique. The proposed technique uses digital set of measurements for the short circuit current for estimating direct axis reactance’s and time constants. A set of over-determine system of equations is constructed using the digitized short circuit current samples. The identification problem is then solved using the proposed PSO method. A case study is presented. Results are reported and evaluated. The method can be extended to be used for identification of q-axis parameters.

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