Receding Horizon Control of Sampled Data Systems based on Dividing Genetic Computation

T. Kawabe and T. Motoyama (Japan)


RHC (Receding horizon control), Sampling function, DA (digital-to-analog) converter, Genetic computation


In this paper, a new RHC (receding horizon control) for sampled-data systems based on dividing gentic computing method is proposed. Although a DA (digital-to-analog) converting operation is need in the sampled-data control systems, the interpolation by sampling function needs the information about future samples in this operation. There fore, a new interpolation approach using predictive values about future samples which are calculated by genetic com putation in each step. Moreover, the way to switch the sam pling functions according to the system status in DA con vertinf operation is proposed. This is so-called as an adap tive DA converter. A numerical example is also included to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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