Pattern Search Optimization for Solving the Load-Flow Problem

W.S. Borisly and A.K. Al-Othman (Kuwait)


Load-Flow, Direct Search method, Pattern Search method, Real-Coded GA (RGA), Evolutionary Algorithms (EA) and optimization.


Direct search (DS) methods are evolutionary algorithms used to solve optimization problems. (DS) methods do not require any information about the gradient of the objective function at hand while searching for an optimum solution. One such method is Pattern Search (PS) algorithm. This paper presents a new approach to solve the load-flow problem using Pattern Search (PS) optimization method. The method is illustrated by various tests on a six-bus system. The time performance and results of PS method are compared with those reported by genetic algorithm (GA) in the literature. This study has demonstrated that PS is able to provide an exact solution to the problem. The outcome is very encouraging and proves that pattern search (PS) is very applicable and shows reliability, accuracy in solving the power-flow problem.

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