A Framework for an Analysis of Failure Data in Electrical Power Networks

S. Rusek, R. Goňo, M. Krátký, and J. Dvorský (Czech Republic)


data of failures, electrical power networks, indexing data structures, relational data model


Data Sources often produce heterogeneous domain data. This feature makes difficult an analysis and querying such data. Although the data model of the data may be the same, such data have not to be necessarily compatible. For example, sets of relations can belong to different re lation schemes. Moreover, each scheme can include dif ferent attributes expressing the same feature of an entity type. A common way to support of the issue is to develop a common relation scheme and different data to transform into a relation of the scheme. In the paper we put forward a framework to storage and querying heterogeneous data. We apply the framework on a database of failure data delivered from distributors of electrical power.

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