A Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine Design Basis with Inspiration from Axial Gas Turbine Theory

N.-M. Ntoko (Cameroon)


Normal zero reaction gas turbine stage, horizontal-axis wind turbine, expressions for efficiency, interference factors NOTATION cp coefficient of performance F a constant h tangential interference factor k axial interference factor m& mass flow rate (kg/s) P power (W) u tangential speed of a blade element (m/s) v wind speed or absolute flow velocity (m/s) w relative velocity (m/s) α absolute flow angle measured with respect to the axial direction (rad) β relative flow angle measur


An expression is obtained for the efficiency of a normal zero reaction gas turbine stage in terms of specific speed. The expression for the efficiency or coefficient of performance of a horizontal - axis wind turbine which is then deduced leads to formulations for the interference factors. These formulations have been shown to yield optimum values which agree with these obtained by other methods.

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