Design and Performance of ZCS-ZVS Combined Snubber Network in a DC-DC Application

M.H.A. Mashod and N.Z. Yahaya (Malaysia)


Pulse-Width Modulation, Soft Switching, Snubber Network and DC-DC Converter.


In this paper, a combined zero-current switching and zero-voltage switching (ZCS-ZVS) snubber network is proposed for a DC-DC boost converter. This technique can reduce the ringing and spiking on drain-source voltage (VDS) during switching. Thus, it will reduce the EMI radiation and the voltage and current stress encountered by switches. A boost converter with 60 V input voltage, 80 V output voltage and 100 kHz switching frequency adopting this technique is presented as an example, to illustrate the circuit operation principles and derive the design procedures. Simulation and hardware implementation of a combined snubber boost converter has been made to validate the operation and the efficiency. Experimental result shows an improvement in output power efficiency of 94%. This is an increment of 20% compared to the conventional boost converter.

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