The Challenges of the Network Operation in the Nordic Electricity Distribution Business Heading for Year 2030

A. Brådd, J. Lassila, and J. Partanen (Finland)


Electricity distribution networks, network operation, network development, services, environmental factors


In this paper, the driving forces affecting the network operation in the distribution networks in the Nordic environment are studied and evaluated. Altogether, five key functional elements and almost 40 functions of network operation were analyzed and scored during the research in the light of the presented driving forces. The driving forces are described in detail in order to fully understand the changes the network operation is facing during the next few decades. Moreover, these driving forces will in time set the way for new demands and support the evolving network operation service markets. According to the study, network automation, changes in competence structure regarding buying of services and customer needs will have the most central impacts on network operation in the future. The results are based on qualitative research analyses and experiences from Nordic distribution companies.

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