Flux Analysis of Three-Phase Transformer for Inrush Current under Current Non-Sinusoidal Excitation

C.L. Cheng, S.C. Chern, Q.S. Chen, and F.Y. Lin (Taiwan)


Transient analysis; Transformers; Harmonics


Inrush current is an important issue for three-phase transformers security and stability. It has close relationship with flux variation of three-phase transformers. Harmonic effects in power systems have been significantly increasing in the last decade. It results in more complicated for investigating inrush current. In this paper, SINm(ωt) waveforms represent non-sinusoidal waveforms because studies on SINm(ωt) waveforms appear to be simpler for more predictable results. A flux analysis of three-phase transformer for inrush current is proposed in this paper. The results are very helpful to estimate harmonics effect for inrush current.

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