Passive Architecture as "Green Design" Strategy, at Botec Building, Gaborone

R. Bozovic (Serbia)


Green building, energy efficiency, IEQ, simulation


Modern, Green Building design considers integrated design process as being essential to the success of the project. Integrated design assumes interaction within design team, interaction with the Client and building simulations of the complete building model, applied from the conceptual stage. Simulation is considered necessary tool to achieve optimization by applying relevant “Green Building Design” criteria. It is essential that the Client is given the opportunity to become part of integrated design process. If the Integrated design was conducted properly, first meetings between the Client and Professional team would have revealed problems with acceptable comfort conditions, in case of “passive building design” approach. The consultant would explain “Comfort Conditions” in detail, discuss with the Client the acceptability, and specify conditions that are acceptable and only if Client was given the opportunity to FULLY understand all implications.

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