S. Refaat and S. Nahavandi


Linear and nonlinear identification, fuzzy logic, neural networklearning, general-purpose nonlinear modelling, pneumatic servo-system


Three nonlinear approaches to model the nonlinear pneumatic servo- drive are presented. The three nonlinear approaches are: (1) the multi input-single output (MISO) approach, which describes the single input-single output (SISO) nonlinear plant using a MISO linear representation which allows replacement of the nonlinear analysis by a linear one without approximation, and is studied in both time and frequency domains; (2) piecewise linearization, which systematically replaces, using artificial neural network, the nonlinear surface representing the plant in the hyper input-output space by a number of linear planes that are continuous over the boundaries between them; and (3) Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS), in which the fuzzy rules are placed in a neural network structure, and which consequently utilizes neural networks learning rules to systematically tune the nonlinear fuzzy model. The superiority of these nonlinear models over the best model that can be developed using linear identification techniques is shown.

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