Y.N. Anagreh


Single phase, induction generator, Matlab List of Symbols F, ν p.u. frequency and speed, respectively a turns ratio Csh, XC_sh shunt excitation capacitance and its p.u.reactance at base frequency Cse, XC_se series capacitance and its p.u. reactance at base frequency R1M , R1A, p.u. main winding, auxiliary winding, rotor R2, RL and load resistances, respectively X1M , X1A, p.u. main winding, auxiliary winding, rotor X2, XL and load reactances, respectively XM , XMU p.u. saturated and


This paper presents the application of a new approach for steady- state analysis of a single-phase self-excited induction generator. The approach is based on minimizing the total impedance equation of the generator to determine the required unknown parameters, from which the generator performance under different operating conditions can be evaluated. All needed simulations, including optimization and data manipulation, are carried out within Matlab environment. The proposed method is easier to implement than other methods of analysis, as lengthy algebraic derivations are not required. Moreover, the same objective function is used irrespective of the unknown parameters. Both experimental test results and simulation results, obtained by Newton-Raphson method, are utilized to confirm the validity and accuracy of the proposed approach.

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