There is More than One Correct Solution: From Simple Questions to Explorative Simulations with Progress Maps

S. Rizzotti and H. Burkhart (Switzerland)


Computer-assisted Learning and Instruction, Multimedia and Hypermedia Applications, Testing and Assessment, Simulation, Reusable Learning Objects, Active Learning, Problem Based Learning, Petri-Net


Simulations in problem based learning environments be long to the techniques which correlate to the highest degree of remembering. But very often simulations need a tremen dous amount of time to be created and are not very flexible to changes after they are built. In this paper we will present tetrodo, a framework built for web-based education and we will show its application for test and assessment pur poses. The main focus in this paper lies on the didacti cal changes to extend the question pool based framework to a full simulation environment. As a practical usage we show an excerpt from a virtual laboratory implemented for the pharmacy faculty which has been used for the last two years. As an outlook to the enhancements which we are cur rently implementing we will show a wikipedia-like way to extend the simulation content by the user. Users will be able to built their own track through the learning material, publish it for others and receive a score from other users. Finally a different way in implementing an FAQ sys tem is shown as another application and its benefits are em phasized.

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