Innovation in Education for Construction IT in the Advent of Globalization

F. Farinha, R. Jardim-Gonçalves (Portugal), and D. Rebolj (Slovenia)


Construction information technology (ITC), technology enhanced learning, virtual classroom, collaborative learning and team teaching


Today, use of information technologies is an integral part of professional architecture, engineering and construction activity. This situation has been driven by universities where different courses are offered in the area of applied computer science in civil and building engineering. The acronym ITC (Construction IT or ITC) is now recognized by the academic community. Furthermore, construction business is becoming internationally oriented, requiring well-prepared professionals. Thus, seven European universities decided to join forces in developing an inter university postgraduate program in ITC, to give students the possibility to extend their knowledge in the application of information and communication technology to AEC. The paper presents the ITC programme developed, the methodology adopted to maintain the highest quality of the educational activities and the learning environment in use.

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