Designing and Implementing Ubiquitous Learning Activities Supported by Mobile and Positioning Technologies

A. Kurti, M. Milrad, F. Alserin, and J. Gustafsson (Sweden)


Mobile learning, location based services, educational games, intelligent support.


Recent advancements in mobile, wireless and positioning technologies have contributed to the development of new software applications to be used anywhere, anytime and in almost any device. When these technologies are used in educational settings, new learning opportunities arise. Location-based services in educational settings potentially offer advantages of tailoring the content to the specific location/object and thus contextually increasing relevancy. In this paper we describe our current research focuses on exploring the integration of physical and computational media for the design of ubiquitous learning environments to support a variety of outdoors educational activities using mobile and positioning technologies. Moreover, we are also exploring how intelligent support techniques can be integrated in these environments, to scaffold particular aspects of teaching and learning.

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