ProTemp-Z: An XML based Authorization System with Provisional Authorization and Temporal Certification Support

V.V. Singh (USA)


XML, Provisional Authorization, Temporal Certification, XACL, Temporal Condition, Chronon Pattern


The eXtensible Markup Language (XML) is a flourishing standard for information interchange and representation. Endeavors at various levels are underway to make this format effectual and project it as a unified and homogeneous data model absolutely imperative to establish security frameworks that protect data from many different threats. We propose a model ProTemp-Z that synthesizes the notions of provisional authorization and temporal certifications, resulting in a system that is powerful enough to enforce security based on a well defined set of provisions and also based on the temporal coordinates of data. The temporal orientation of this model also accounts for the safeguard of security of dynamically changing data, which is of great value. We present an implementation of the authorization logic.

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