A Multi-Bit Watermark Generation Algorithm with Properties of Error Correction

B. Salami and C. Obimbo (Canada)


Digital Watermarking, Watermark Generation, Error Cor rection


Digital watermarking is a technique developed for the pro tection and identiļ¬cation of digital media by embedding digital data directly onto multimedia objects such that it can be detected or extracted later. Watermarks often carry no extra information and are not very useful. On the other hand, multi-bit watermarks typically include a second sig nal used in error correction and thus decrease the amount of useful information or payload that can be embedded. In this paper, we present a multi-bit watermark generation scheme that enables the decoder to automatically correct the ex tracted information without the need of a second reference signal. Our method converts the provided ownership in formation into a bar-code like image and embeds the en crypted version into any color image. Under this scheme, the extracted watermark can be corrected.

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