Elliptic Curve and Password based Dynamic Key Agreement in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks

I.G. Askoxylakis, D.D. Kastanis, and A.P. Traganitis (Greece)


MANET Security, Disaster Management, Elliptic Curves.


Ad-hoc networking is a relatively new operating mode for rapid mobile host interconnection. However, it suffers from the lack of a fixed infrastructure that forces each ad hoc host to rely on each other, in order to maintain the network stability and functionality. This singularity of ad hoc networks introduces several issues, most of which concern the system’s security. This paper focuses on investigating the security threats of ad-hoc networks together with their unique ability to meet specific emergency requirements, such as the rapid deployment of emergency networks which can enhance and optimize the disaster relief efforts after a natural disaster or a terrorist attack. Moreover this particular type of networks can be found very efficient in military environments where the cellular/PCS services may not be available. Considering the difficulty of establishing a secure network where the impacted group members share no prior electronic information, and moreover considering how this can be achieved through the most reliable, secure and efficient way, we propose a new protocol for dynamic multiparty password key agreement, based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography.

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