Object Authentication in Closed Containers by Ultra-Wideband Multipath Profile Examination: An Application to National Security

S. Sobolewski and M. Buehrer (USA)


RF Fingerprinting, Ultra-wideband (UWB), Authentication, Multipath Profile, Classification.


Maintaining national security in this era of growing terrorist threats and worldwide unrest is of utmost importance. This article suggests one solution to the particular problem of authenticating content of large metal transport containers to make sure they contain the same objects at the points of origin and destination. The case of shifted objects is also considered. The proposed authentication method uses the concept of Radio Frequency Fingerprinting and has two components. First, probability distribution functions of correlations of UWB multipath profiles at the origin and destination are compared. Second, the eigen-values of the same UWB profiles are compared. The experimental results show that it is possible to determine whether the same objects are present in the container and whether they have been shifted.

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