Optimizing Multi-Thread String Matching for Network Processor based Intrusion Management System

J. Yu, Q. Huang, and Y. Xue (PRC)


String matching, parallel processing, network processor.


String matching is the core algorithm and the most time consuming operation of almost every modern Network Intrusion Management System (NIMS). In this paper we aim at integrating string matching with multi-thread parallelism to dramatically improve the performance of NIMS. The string matching procedure under multi-thread parallelism situation is modeled and researched. The results are utilized to instruct the design of an improved Aho-Corasick (AC) algorithm, named as AC_MT, for network processor (NP) based NIMS. A simplified NIMS prototype and both the AC and AC_MT algorithms are implemented on Intel’s NP platform IXDP2850. The evaluation results tested with SmartBits 600 reveals that the performance of the NIMS prototype is improved by 44.7%~148.8% depending on the different lengths of the input packets and different number of threads, under both algorithms using the same number of threads situation.

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