MR Imaging of Shear Waves Induced by Moving Needle

Q.C.C. Chan, G. Li (PRC), R.L. Ehman, R.C. Grimm (USA), G. Cao, R. Li, and E.S. Yang (PRC)


Acupuncture, MR Elastography, shear wave, stiffness


Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE) is a phase contrast-based method for observing shear wave propagation in a material to determine its stiffness. The objective of this study was to determine whether shear waves suitable for MRE can be induced using a moving acupuncture needle. Tissue-simulating bovine gel phantom and a 0.4mm diameter acupuncture needle were used in the experiment. The results showed that observable shear waves could be induced in the gel phantom by cyclic needle motion. The observed wavelength varied with excitation frequency, as expected. Generating shear waves using moving needles may be a useful tool to study the basic mechanism of acupuncture with MRE. Further study will be conducted to observe the wave motion in inhomogeneous media and acupuncture induced effects in in-vivo studies.

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