An Original 3-D Cycle Ergometer (3-DCE) for Three-Axial Force Measurements

G. Mimmi, C. Rottenbacher, L. Frosini, and A. Negri (Italy)


Rehabilitation, biomechanics, cycling athletic performance.


In this paper is presented an original prototype of cycle ergometer suitable for measuring the three Cartesian components of the force exerted by the two feet on the two pedals. The prototype is a cycle ergometer suitably instrumented to collect quantitative data that allow the kinematics and dynamics of the bicycle-rider model to be solved. A tri-axial load cell, which measures the pedalling force in three orthogonal directions, and two encoders, that measure the angles between the feet and the central movement, are mounted on each pedal. These angles are measured through encoders as well as the crank rotation of the central movement.

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