Forces of Expert and Novice Practitioners during Flexion-Distraction Chiropractic Treatment

M.R. Gudavalli and J.M. Cox (USA)


Spine, Low back pain, Forces, Chiropractic, Real-time


The objective of this paper was to collect force data while experienced and inexperienced doctor of chiropractic deliver treatment to low back pain. A portable system consists of a three-dimensional force transducer, laptop computer, and custom developed software was used for this study. The system was used to quantify the forces during a flexion-distraction type of treatment delivered by chiropractors. The forces applied in the posterior-to anterior direction, the forces applied in the inferior-to superior direction, and the duration of the cycle time in delivering these oscillating forces were quantified. Information on the pre-load and peak forces were gathered while experienced doctors of chiropractic with more than fifteen years of clinical experience were performing the procedure.This information on the forces was compared to the information obtained using doctors of chiropractic who have less than one year of experience. Doctors of chiropractic who have experience applied significantly greater forces than those who had less experience.

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