A 3D Kinematic Measurement of Knee Prosthesis using Single Plane Projection Images (Estimation for a Tibio-Femoral Relative Motion, and an Incorporative Use of Geometric Articulation Model)

S. Hirokawa, S. Ariyoshi, T. Kawata, and A. Sato (Japan)


Knee Prosthesis, Pattern Matching, Relative Motion, Mathematical Model, Contact Points' Trajectory.


We have developed a technique of pattern matching algorithm for estimating pose/position of each tibial and femoral component respectively from its 2D perspective projection. Yet our pattern matching method should be objected to assess knee prosthetic kinematics and to introduce the contact points' trajectories between the articulating surfaces in order to check and predict the friction and wear conditions on the articulating surfaces. To this respect, the following two kinds of simulation studies were carried out; One was to estimate relative pose/position between the femoral and the tibial components, and the other was to incorporate the 3D mathematical model of prosthetic articulation into our pattern matching algorithm. The simulation results demonstrated that the estimation accuracy for a relative motion was equivalent to those for a single component, and the 3D model could introduce the contact points' trajectories between articulating surfaces reasonably.

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