Evaluation of Mechanical Robustness of a Vertebral Bone

M. Koseki, N. Inou, M. Jonishi, K. Maki, and H. Murayama (Japan)


Computational Biomechanics, Finite Element Method, Osteoporosis, Individual Modeling.


This paper deals with a numerical analysis and the experi ment to investigate risk of fracture. We propose an evalu ation index, “stress/strength,” for the robustness of a bone. Validity of the index is examined by the following steps. First, the index is calculated by an individual modeling method using vertebral bodies of a rat. Second, compres sion tests with the specimen of bone are performed for mea suring the loading conditions in fracture. Finally, high val ues of the index and fracture lines in the bones are com pared. To perform these steps, we devise an individual modeling method for effective numerical analyses, prepare the specimen of bone, and design the measuring system for the compression tests. The proposed numerical method predicts the initiation site of the fracture.

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