Influence of Muscle's Fatigue to Its Biosignals' Characteristics

M. Mariunas and K. Kojelyte (Lithuania)


Biosignals, muscles fatigue, loading duration, electromyography, and spectral analysis.


Influence of magnitude and duration of the load on change of males and females muscle’s biosignal characteristics was analyzed. It was determined that relation between the muscle’s biosignal and magnitude and duration of load may be expressed as exponential dependence. Carried out analysis of results enable to show that frequency range dominating in the biosignal’s spectrum at the loading duration lengthening gradually moves from right to left side, that is to the lower frequency band. After average frequency band reached 30 Hz then all the components of the frequency band from 30 to 750 Hz increased. There was presented that following changes of muscle’s biosignals’ characteristics indicate the fatigue of the muscle. The influence of the first training to the muscle’s adaptation to loads was analyzed and it was noticed that the value of muscle’s biosignal’s stabilizing only after appropriate training duration and this phenomenon indicates that the muscle is ready for intended work.

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