A Study on the Wave Propagation Property – I: Comparisons between Long and Short Elastic Tubes with Radial Resonance Model

P.T. Chao, H. Hsiu, M.Y. Jan, T.L. Hsu, and W.K. Wang (Taiwan)


Wave propagation, Elastic Tube, Arterial System, Reflect wave, Boundary effect


The concepts of resonance (with standing wave) and wave reflection are two basic tenets of hemodynamics. At any point of the elastic tube, the measured pressure profile may come from radial vibration and axial propagation of pressure wave. We focus on the radial vibration of each segment of the tube. In our previous resonance theory, we suggest that the wave propagation in an elastic tube is in near-field rather than in far-field transmission. We built a simple system to illustrate the behavior of the pressure wave traveling in the elastic tube. The result showed that reflection and resonance phenomenon both exist in an elastic tubes system simulating arterial system. Besides, we can clearly see that the boundary effect described by the resonance theory that might provide a possible explanation for the amplitude during pressure wave transmission.

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