A Study on the Wave Propagation Property – II: In Arterial System of Rats

H. Hsiu, P.T. Chao, W.C. Hsu, M.Y. Jan, and W.K. Wang (Taiwan)


reflection, blood pressure waveform, artery, resonance theory


In arterial system, there are many discontinuities of physical properties, such as branches, radius changes (tapering), and elasticity. “Wave reflection” is a widely used concept to interpret the effect of interface on waveform. However, problem of its application in vivo has been raised recently. Here we designed an experiment on rat’s arterial system to evaluate the possible wave reflection in vivo. The result shows that the reflected wave at measuring sites at 0-6 cm above aortic bifurcation have very small amplitude (< 4% of the pulsatile pressure). Since the wave reflection is very small in vivo, the interfaces may affect the pressure waveform by boundary effect suggested by the resonance theory.

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