Optimal Respiratory Simulator and Automatic Ventilation Device based on WOB Feedback

S.-L. Lin, H.-C. Yeh, and S.-T. Tzeng (Taiwan)


Human Respiratory Control Simulator; Ventilation Device; WOB; Feedback Control.


The work of the present paper is to implement a feedback system which can help the patients not only to satisfy his physiology requirement, but also to achieve minimum work of breathing (WOB). The Human Respiratory Control Simulator was utilized to control and drive the ventilation device through a PCI-6024E card. The signals were measured by flow and pressure sensors and were transmitted into a PIC16F877 chip for further processing. The collected signals will then be feedback to the simulator to compute the resultant respiratory mechanics and WOB index. Once it was found that the patient’s respiratory physiology has significant change, the decision will be made to invoke the optimization process for further control strategy. The minimal WOB cost to the patient with mechanical ventilation and the real-time control were hence fulfilled based on the implemented feedback control mechanism.

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