A Novel Device for Sectioning Prostate in Correlation to MRI

Y.H. Ma, L.S.J. Phee, H.C. Thng, H.P. Tan, J. Yuen, S.W. Ng, and C.W.S. Cheng (Singapore)


Slicing device, prostate, validation, MRI, pathological section, area calculation


We present a novel slicing device that enables the orientation of fresh or fixed prostate gross pathological sections to be obtained which correspond to Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI). The correlation of histologic preparations and MR images provides insight into biology of disease processes. Based on pre-determined landmarks, the prostate specimen was orientated and sliced in the device in the same manner as the prostate was scanned by MRI. Three phantoms and 11 patients were used to study the accuracy of the slicer. MRI and the pathological sections were examined by both radiologist and pathologist for prominent nodules. The intersection area of nodule on the MRI and pathological slices was calculated. The result shows that the prostate slicing device is fairly accurate and can potentially allow direct correlation between radiological images and histopathology. It has uses in the evaluation of current and future imaging sequences such as magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

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