An Atlas-based Approach for Prediction and Analysis of the Brain Deformation

A. Roy, W.L. Nowinski, and F.E.H. Tay (Singapore)


Brain Atlas, Finite Element Method, deformation, soft tissue.


As the interest in the computer-aided, quantitative analysis of medical image data is growing, the need for accurate modeling techniques of brain is also increasing. Today finite element method (FEM) provides a powerful tool for investigating the biomechanics of brain deformation particularly when used in conjunction with experimental studies. In this paper a biomechanical approach has been proposed based on a finite element model of the brain after extracting feature points from Cerefy Brain Atlas [1, 2, 3, 4]. It takes into account the anatomical cerebral structures to predict brain deformation. A volumetric three-dimensional biomechanical simulation of brain deformation was aimed to demonstrate by implementing tetrahedral mesh in a 3D CAD system and then assigning different biomechanical properties and parameters to the different structures for composing the model.

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