A P2P Reputation System with a Fuzzy Technique for Incentive Provision

Y.-K. Lin and M.-C. Huang (Taiwan)


peertopeer network, freeriding, rep uation system, fuzzy logic, virtual community, service differentiation


Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks have shown their great strength as an information sharing architecture what we witness from the popularity and the variety of P2P-related applications. Lack of incentives, however, makes most peers unwilling to cooperate and lead to free-riding behavior. One way to encourage cooperation is through service differentiation basedoneachpeer’scontributions. This paper presents FuzRep, a reputation system that incorporates virtual community and fuzzy logic techniques for P2P networks. Without using information hubs or DHT-like pre-sorting scheme, we utilize the clustering effect of virtual communities for reputation management. Furthermore, we treat service discrimination for resource request as a decision-making process so that a fuzzy-based mechanism is adopted in FuzRep to facilitate that process.

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