QoS Assuring Access Control Protocols for Hyperchannels in SMART Network

J. Chen, S.Q. Zheng (USA), and A. Gumaste (India)


Multi-access, packet scheduling, output queuing, MAC, protocol, algorithm, QoS, WDM, optical network, SMART network, hyperchannel.


We show the equivalence between OQ packet schedul ing algorithms and a class of multi-access protocols for hyperchannels in a Scalable Multi-Access Reconfigurable Transport (SMART) network [12] by showing that any OQ packet scheduling algorithm can be converted to a hyper channel multi-access protocol without loosing theoretical QoS properties under certain conditions that are practically not difficult to satisfy. This equivalence serves as a ba sis for designing a class of QoS assuring hyperchannel ac cess control protocols and medium access control (MAC) protocols for any shared-medium (such as electrical bus, wireless, etc.) communications systems. As an example, we extend a known OQ scheduling algorithm SRR to one called TSRR and show its feasibility of being used as a centralized hyperchannel multi-access protocol. We also introduce a centralized/distributed hybrid version of TSRR protocol which involves extensive parallel/distributed pro cessing techniques.

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