A Broker and Job Advertisement based Grid Scheduling Framework

A.T. Thor, G.V. Záruba, and D. Levine (USA)


Bid based scheduling, Grid economy, Resource Auctioning, Renegotiation, and Broker


: A computational grid is a distributed collection of computer and storage resources created and maintained to serve the needs of virtual organizations where users seek to harness geographically distributed computational and storage resources for large scale intensive problem solving purposes. However, effective resource management and job scheduling poses a challenge when constraints such as resource utilization, response time, and global and local cluster policies need to be taken into account, while dealing with potentially independent sources of jobs, computational, and storage resources. It must be ensured that after scheduling decisions are made they are still valid by the time a job is executed, as well as that all the necessary resources are still available. Another critical problem is the encouragement of individual local domains to compete amongst themselves to become more efficient when accepting jobs. This paper discusses several common problems that have plagued resource management and job scheduling. We propose an extension to resource management and scheduling which adopts the use of brokers with job advertisement, resource matching, and job propagation within a hierarchical grid environment.

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