Communication Reduction Techniques in Multiple Multicasts for 3D Mesh and Torus Networks

D.R. Surma (USA)


Multicasting, mesh and torus networks, communication scheduling, routing.


This paper presents a novel approach to reduce the communication overhead incurred when performing multiple multicasts on wormhole-routed three-dimensional mesh and torus networks. Multicasting is a common collective communication operation implemented on most existing systems via a series of unicast messages. For a single multicast, the transmission time is dominated by the message start-up time. However, in the presence of multiple multicasts the communication and blocking delays become signi´Čücant. This approach uses a hybrid static-dynamic technique to reduce the communication costs for both single and multiple multicasts. For a single multicast, this technique performs as well as conventional methods. For multiple multicasts, results show that it provides considerable improvement when compared with baseline techniques.

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