Semi-Automatic Reliability Assessment of Safety Related Embedded Systems

M. Kucera and H. Mauser (Germany)


Fault-tolerance, Reliability, Safety, Embedded System, Automotive


Complexity is one major challenge to face when dealing with future automotive systems. Meeting dependability requirements whilst meeting cost targets and time schedule is the second major challenge to combat in that area. To accept these challenges this paper presents an approach which combines simulative and analytic techniques. We propose an approach that makes use of a COTS GUI (Matlab/Simulink) and a proprietary dependability module. For dependability evaluation we make use of classical Markov theory. The common known problem of state space explosion is tackled by making use of structured modelling and an algorithm for locality traversing. The presented approach not only allows to derive reliability figures for a given system architecture and given use cases. Furthermore, it also supports the process of developing new systems or optimise existing systems. All possible failure sequences of up to ten simultaneous failures are automatically generated and analyzed. The approach presented in this paper is generally applicable for safety related embedded systems.

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