Suitability of Overlays as a General-Purpose Data Communication Substrate on Gigabit Channels

J. Quaini-Sousa, M.A. de Lima e Silva, F. Redígolo, T.C. Carvalho, W. Ruggiero, H. Guardia (Brazil), and B. Ohlman (Sweden)


Overlay Networks, Network Performance, Network Protocols and Mobility Computing.


The widespread use of the Internet and the rise of new technologies (such as ubiquitous computing) posed a set of challenges to its architecture and evidenced its deficiencies. To remedy these problems, several prominent proposals were made, such as deploying overlay networks as an additional layer of indirection or virtualization. In order to investigate the feasibility of adopting overlays to transport data in high-speed networks, this paper conducts several significant performance tests to elucidate this issue.

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