A Low-Cost Almost-Nonblocking Switching Network

H. Yu and S.Q. Zheng (USA)


Switching network, switching fabric, interconnection net work, rearrangeable nonblocking network, widesense nonblocking network, strictly nonblocking network, circuit switching, blocking probability.


For circuit-switching applications, no feasible wide-sense nonblocking and strictly nonblocking switching networks of cost lower than ¢¡¤£¦¥¨§©£ have been found. We pro pose a switching network called the pyramid Benes net work. The pyramid Benes network  ¡£  is constructed recursively using ¥¨§©!£ copies of Benes networks of vari ous sizes, and its cost is ¢¡¤£¦¥¨§©!£ , which is asymptot ically the same as the cost of Benes network. By exper iments, we show that the blocking probability of  ¡¤£  is very low in both wide-sense and strict-sense. For this reason, we call  ¡¤£ an almost nonblocking (ANB) net work. While finding low cost SNB and WSNB networks remains to be a challenging theoretical and scientific pur suit, the ANB network  ¡£  can be used as a low-cost SNB or WSNB network in practice for circuit-switching applications.

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