Formal Approach to Instantiating Core Assets in Product Line Engineering

S.K. Shin, J.S. Her, and S.D. Kim (Korea)


Product Line Engineering, Formal Specification, ObjectZ, Core Asset, Instantiation


Product line engineering (PLE) is one of the recent and effective reuse approaches that enable developing a number of applications by instantiating a core asset. Although numerous PLE methodologies have been introduced, it is still unclear what should be the elements of a core asset and how to systematically instantiate core assets for products. Formal specifications can play a key role in defining detailed and precise instantiation process. In this paper, we present a meta model of core assets and show how to specify core assets in a formal language, Object-Z. Then, we propose rules that precisely define a process and constraints for instantiating core assets. Using the proposed formal specification, core asset instantiating can be carried out precisely and correctly, yielding high quality software development.

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