V. Uskov and A. Uskov


Web-based education, perspectives for 2006–2010, survey


From January to March 2006, the International Journal on Advanced Technology for Learning (ATL), InterLabs Research Institute (IRI) at Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois, USA, and the leaders of the Annual International Conference on Web-Based Education organized and managed a world survey of experts in the area of web-based education (WBE). The goal of the survey was to identify components of WBE that will become most widely used and factors that will have the most impact on WBE in the period 2006–2010; those components and factors include but are not limited to (1) technologies, (2) types of web-based courses, (3) instructional approaches, (4) learning management systems, (5) learning objects repositories and digital libraries, (6) communication technologies, (7) virtual collaboration technologies, (8) metrics of success of WBE projects, (9) biggest challenges facing WBE projects and systems, (10) instructor skills required by WBE, (11) types of employees needed by WBE, and (12) quality of WBE versus quality of traditional education. The feedback from a total of 129 experts who represent 84 organizations (colleges, universities, and training organizations) from 31 countries all over the world, is summarized below.

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