Semantic Matchmaking of Grid Services using Parameter Matchmaking Algorithm

S.T. Selvi, R.A. Balachandar, K. Vijayakumar, N. Mohanram, and R. Raman (India)


Grid Computing, Globus Toolkit, Semantic Web Service, Ontology, Reasoner, Web Ontology Language (OWL).


The main objective of this research work is to extend the capability of Globus Toolkit (GT) to support semantic description and discovery of Grid Services. We proposed Protégé Enabled Globus toolkit(PEG) )in which we have integrated GT with Protégé editor to support globus user for semantic descriptions of Grid services and the Algernon inference engine is used to interact with the OWLS descriptions. We have also proposed a new algorithm called parameter matchmaking algorithm that computes various degrees of matching of advertised service descriptions with that of the requested ones based on the Input, Output and Functionality (IOF) parameters. On the contrary to algorithms that return only success or fail, ranked degrees of match obtained from our proposed algorithm provide better precision against the selection of a service among a large set of services. The proposed algorithm is tested successfully in PEG toolkit for the semantic discovery of grid services.

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