Path Planning of a Mobile Robot in a Distributed Intensity Domain

S. Reddy P., S. Shukla, K. Aravind D., and A.K. Dash (India)


Varying intensity domain, mobile robot, path planning, potential function


Presence of dark regions in the workspace of the mobile robot makes it difficult to plan the optimum path. In this paper, a new approach for the solution of the path planning problem has been developed while using a web cam. A potential function is developed to model the intensity of light in the workspace of the mobile robot. Thus, the optimum path is determined using 3 potential function, namely for distance between the robot and the goal point, for the obstacles present in the environment and for the intensity of light. The robot is also equipped with a speech detection unit to trouble shoot the cases of robot trapped in local minima. A prototype mobile robot is constructed and the path planning algorithm is tested for an online, real time task.

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