Modeling and Analysis of Worm Attacks with Predator and Patching Interplay

Z.M. Tamimi (Palestine) and J.I. Khan (USA)


Internet worm, system patch, backdoor, and modeling.


Internet is increasingly seeing the emergence of very fast propagating worms capable of infecting significant part of the Internet in short few hours. Predators – a type of good-will self-replicating codes has been proposed as a class of anti-worm defense which can potentially counter formidable speed of these newer worms. In this paper we expand our pervious study of predator's effectiveness by considering more complex situations. We model the predator behavior in presence of system patching, which are operating system hot fixes. In another scenario we model the predator behavior against a smart malicious worm (called Backdoor Blocker Worm or BBW) that blocks the backdoor after penetrating into a machine. In all cases, we use mathematical modeling and numerical solution to drive results.

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