Feasibility Assessment of Path-Planning for Pipeline System Construction of Electric Utilities Network Enhancement

C.-C. Lin and S.-J. Huang (Taiwan)


Local exchange carrier, fiber optic network, Java, approximated shortest path


Since the invest made on the piping system construction often occupies a significant percentage in the budget, a method is thus motivated and proposed in this paper that anticipates to provide a systematic way such that the power transmission network planning can be realized more effectively. With the employment of the concept of the restricted area to implement the approximated shortest path for the piping layout, the distance between manholes in the huge network is expected to shorten. Moreover, to embed the cross-platform capability of the method, the Java programming as well as the remote method invocation is seamlessly integrated. It is expected that the performance of the designated scheme can be promoted. By use of the practical data obtained from the field, the proposed system has been validated. Test results had approved the feasibility of the method for the application considered.

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