Methodology and Implementation Strategy for Predicting the Location of Permanent Faults in Distribution Power Systems

L. Nastac, A. Thatte, P. Wang, R. Lascu, D. Costyk (USA), T. Abdelazim, and S. Kuloor (Canada)


Distribution power system, low impedance permanent faults, fault locator analysis software.


The purpose of this paper is to summarize the methodology and implementation of an intelligent, operational, decision-support software tool (i.e. Distribution Systems Fault Locator (DSFL) tool) to predict the location of low impedance, permanent faults in distribution power systems. The DSFL tool can also be used for planning and protection analyses. The advantage of utilizing this tool during an operational mode (e.g., in a storm event) is that it uses only the available measurements and customer (trouble) call data during that operational mode. The DSFL tool is a stand alone plug & play software which can be easily integrated into any network fault analysis software platform. Currently, DSFL is integrated into DEW and AEMPFAST software analysis tools. The fault data including the topology and the network data were provided by Detroit Edison (DTE) Energy.

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