Fuzzy Expected Value Model for Transmission Planning with Hybrid Intelligent Algorithm

Z. Hu, M. Xu, and J. Wu (PRC)


Transmission planning, fuzzy expected value model, ge netic algorithm, uncertainty, and fuzzy simulation


The deregulation and reconstruction of power industries has led to fundamental changes in power system planning and operation and brought a great deal of uncertainties. It is essential to consider influenceof these uncertainties in transmission expansion planning. In this paper, a fuzzy ex pected value model for transmission planning is proposed for power load, generation, and line investment uncertain ties. In order to solve this model, a hybrid intelligent al gorithm is adopted based on fuzzy simulation and genetic algorithm. The proposed model has been tested with mod ified IEEE 14-bus system, and comparisons between it and the traditional planning model have been analyzed. Analy sis result shows that the expansion plan given in this paper is more robust and has a better capability-price ratio.

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