The Structure and Operation Scheme of an Automatic and Supervisory Control System for KEPCO UPFC

S.-J. Ahn, D.-W. Lee, and S.-I. Moon (Korea)


Automatic operation, coordination control, FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission System), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), UPFC (Unified Power Flow Controller)


The KEPCO UPFC is installed at 154kV Kangjin substation, and operated in Kangjin-Jangheung transmission line. This UPFC is operated by set-point control way, but it has some limitations especially in case of emergency. To overcome the limitation of set-point control, this paper proposes the automatic and supervisory control system connected with SCADA. The functions and configuration of the system is described and the operation scheme which will be applied in the system is presented.

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